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This is a blog

This is a blog, in an ad-hoc straightforward format. Every blog post is under a heading that contains a title and a date, at the same level as this introduction. pandoc is used to automatically generate the whole blog as a single page, in reverse chronological order, apart from this introduction, which appears first. pandoc also automatically generates the table of contents.

Qt Creator, 2020-06-16

Why Qt Creator

I want to give a real chance to Qt Creator because I think it is the only IDE written in C or C++ that possibly could be used for embedded C++ development. I have tried KDevelop a few times, but basically, I did not like it.

The reason why I would like my IDE to be developed in C or C++ is because I use Linux as a host operating system for my development, C is the natural programming language for application development under Linux, and I basically see C++ as a very powerful extension of C. As a matter of principle, I do not like the idea that we, C/C++ developers, would not be able to produce a great all-purpose C/C++ IDE under Linux, given the great platform we have at our disposal.

On the other hand, the successive companies that have owned Qt have unfortunately managed to make the license situation really scary, but I do not believe that is a practical obstacle for an open source IDE.

Also, I actually do not really like Qt’s MOC, because I would prefer more standard C++ solutions, but I like the alternatives even less, so Qt (Creator in this case), will have to do.

A new blog, 2020-06-16


The purpose of this blog is to report my progress in my project called “bare”, whose purpose is to develop embedded software in C++ om STM32 processor boards, while trying to find a good IDE solution for that purpose.

The format of this blog

Since I care about contents much more than about formatting, and since I dislike unnecessary complexity, I am starting this blog in a simple way, with straightforward tools. In such a perspective, pandoc is great, since it can convert Markdown formats to HTML, and besides that looks really powerful.

My so called WEB publishing “stack”, as the fancy boys call it, is: